Cutting Edge & User Friendly


Room Scheduling System

From the moment the user signs into the corporate network, he will experience a seamless workflow of search and book meeting rooms, send approval request for non-resource rooms and other requests like food and services and more

The inbuilt QuikMeeting add in function for Outlook gives the user access to room booking on their mobile devices.

Manage your valuable room resources like meeting, conference, boardrooms, auditoriums, seminar halls, convention halls, training facility or any space that requires calendar based booking .

The built-in analytical reports will provide the management to study room utilisation and pivot for various parameters.

Meeting attendance capture, generate electronic delegate labels, manage tablet device functions like switch on/off, remote screen capture and application update are some of the many functions that are provided

QuikMeeting &

Meeting Machines

Room Scheduling System with Windows OS

Some of our clients prefer having a Windows device behind their firewall.


QuikMeeting partnered with Meeting Machines to design and manufacture the highest quality, fully integrated conference room door signs available in the market.  An Intel motherboard was chosen to power Meeting Machines displays so that clients can use their own Windows Image load, or take advantage of Meeting Machines locked down Win 10 IoT embedded OS.


Our clients will enjoy all of the rich and user friendly features of QuikMeeting room scheduling system.


Broadcast classroom schedule & university public messages in real time

Educational institutions are increasingly looking to digitise the dissemination of critical information on time and at the place of its most effective locations. Classroom schedule, events, deadlines, images, videos and public announcement – all delivered from a centrally administered place.


Desk Booking System

With the ever increasing adoption of Co-Working, Flexi and Hot Desking, the need for a user friendly multi device user app is of paramount importance.  This simple and cost effective system provides total and seamless user experience for Co-Working space operators and for businesses adopting Flexi Desk facilities.


Digital Signage Software

Visual communication plays an important role across all industries. With an user friendly and efficient CMS software, corporations can store, schedule and manage various contents – images, videos or public information to draw attention to the products, communicate company policies and simply connect with the employees socially.


Remote Device Management System

This cloud based single platform – multiple brands and devices monitor and control system helps companies to take control of their assets and its performance.

IT and Facilities team will save operational costs, provide pro-active support to user groups, increase user adoption of the valuable investment in technology and maximise the device utility for better ROI.