Enterprise - Education - Healthcare - Retail


Customised Solutions

We work with enterprises across different verticals to deliver customised solutions for Room and Desk Booking, Digital Signage for corporate communications and Remote Device Management System for IT/Facility management


Classroom Digital Signage

Students, faculty and support all benefit from visually appealing and smart information boards, schedule and campus wide announcement etc.  We provide tailor made solutions for each institute for a seamless integration with their back office


Eco Friendly Signage

Signage plays a vital role in informing, prompting, enhancing the patient and medical staff interactions for a frictionless experience

Our solutions provide a eco-friendly, pollution free digital signage via ePaper displays which are a new and rapidly growing technology.  These displays does not require cumbersome cabling and has no video pollution


POS Digital Signage

Customer eyeball retention and triggering their purchase impulse is our goal. We achieve this with smart signage by way of traditional DS screens and the eco friendly, cable free ePaper displays. Increasingly, we see successful deployment of section specific smart signage and customer interaction.  We work with retailers to achieve the above