Desk Booking System

CoWorking - FlexiDesks -HotDesks

Desk Booking System


With the ever increasing adoption of Co-Working, Flexi and Hot Desking, the need for a user friendly multi device user app is of paramount importance.

This simple and cost effective system provides total and seamless user experience for Co-Working space operators and for businesses adopting Flexi Desk facilities.

ePaper display that can be mounted on the desk partition gives the user and others a clear visibility of the booking details.  Avoid conflicts of the usage of desk space. Gain insights on the usage.

Great medium for pushing public safety messages and greetings.

Easy Deployment

No Cabling – Battery Operated – Eco Friendly

ePaper signage in various sizes allows the user the flexibility to install on various surfaces – for example even at a seating area to manage it as a rentable zone.

Facility manager will love the fact that these ePapers can be deployed easily anywhere and on any surface.

Cable free installation and long lasting battery powered ePapers are a compelling solution for modern workplace.