Classroom Digital Signage

Students, Faculty & Support - Everyone on the same page


Digital Signage

Broadcast classroom schedule & university public messages in real time

Educational institutions are increasingly looking to digitise the dissemination of critical information on time and at the place of its most effective locations.


Classroom schedule, events, deadlines, images, videos and public announcement – all delivered from a centrally administered place.


Students, Faculty and Admin Staff will have a uniform communication platform to be able to perform at their best


This system reduces the endless printing of paper for schedule updates outside the classrooms.


Finally, this system provides branding and enhances the university image for all those who visit the campus

Solution for Covid challenges

For Educational Institutes

All-in-one integrated solution

Educational institutions are challenged to implement a user friendly solution to protect the students, faculty and staff against Covid.


QuikSign is an all-in-one integrated solutions that provides

Thermal Tracking

Facial Recognition or RFID based attendance capture

Classroom Time Table

Signage for broadcasting safety messaging – images & videos


Images & Videos

Campus Safety Messages

Campus Map